Two Clothes

A project with a Shopify clothing store demo

Two Clothes

A clothing store with a variety of products. I built it based on my client needs by customizing the Shopify theme. Here I list some of the cool features I helped create!

Fading Effect

As soon as you open the page, you are immediately greeted by a fade effect on every section of the website. Everything, quite literally, pops up at the customers!

Large Product

Men's and Women's product sections are immediately visible on the navigation bar AND in multiple sections across the page, which are all clickable!

Dynamic Image to "Shop the Look"

A very nifty feature which allows you to click on the dynamic image and shop each individually linked product on the outfit!

Advanced Filtering

  • Allows the user to filter products by gender, color, size, and availability (in stock)

  • Allows the user to also filter products alphabetically, best-selling, price, and date published!

  • The user can also freely search for whatever product they are specifically looking for with the search button at the top right!

In-Depth Mega Menu

The menu has multiple collection sets that the user can click into, as well as presenting two featured items for them to view!

Payment and Checkout

  • Multiple payment methods that we can add through the backend which include some very popular companies like Apple and Google Pay.

  • Checkout page gives users the option to opt-in for an emailed receipt

  • Checkout also has a "save this information for next time" check-box, which gives incentive to come back :)

Watch My Demonstration Video!! I Walk You Through It!

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