No contracts. No surprise fees. I charge $35 USD/Hr.

Features Included Listed Below! I charge $35 USD/Hour

Shopify Store Setup


- Data Gathering
- Front and Backend Setup
- Unique Needs (App installation, Taxes, Custom Theme etc.)
- Shopify Training
- Speed Optimization
- Ready in 7-10 Business Days
Features Included Listed Below! I charge $35 USD/Hour

Store Migration to Shopify


- Store Setup
- Data Migration
- Content & Images
- Full transfer of existing products
- Training
- Ready in 10-12 business days
Features Included Listed Below! I charge $35 USD/Hour

Multi-Page Website


- 2-6 pages
- Responsive Website
- Content Management System
- Support
- Ready in 7+ business days (varies with pages needed)


For Pricing

Extra FAQ specifically for pricing

What do you mean by 7+, 8+ etc days?

Based on your requests, it may take more days than expected, but I will without a doubt keep you informed throughout the entire process to let you know this beforehand.

What payment types do you accept?

A lot of them! My preference would be CashApp or Zelle, but Apple Pay, Paypal, or Venmo also are perfectly fine.

What are the prices for returning clients asking for help?

It varies depending on the request, if it takes no time at all (a few hours) I more than likely wont charge at all. Otherwise, its the same $35 USD/Hour

What are the deadlines to pay?

We discuss this before we get to work, but the most likely option is pay before we move onto the next section of work.

How do you keep track of your hours?

I charge $35 USD/Hour. How do I keep track of time? With this nifty website called Clockify, where I can accurately clock hours that I am working on your requests! If you are asking for a single page site, payment will be made upfront to keep communication clean and transparent!

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