Galaxy Box

A single product Shopify store demo

Galaxy Box

A single product store of a galaxy projector with only a few pages. I built it based on my client needs by customizing the Shopify theme. Here I list some of the cool features I helped create!

Alternating Homepage

As soon as you open the page, you are immediately by a beautiful starry sky background image. Then as you scroll, each section of the home page alternates in a nice zig-zag type of way :).

Dynamic Product Page

Theres only one product, so why not go all out? On this product page, the product has a nice magnification effect, a product rating, and a sale compare-at price!

Affiliate Page

A nice feature in which another company can endorse their product on our site, which links to their product on Amazon! Each sale coming from this site generates more profit for both us and our affiliate!

Payment and Checkout

  • Multiple payment methods that we can add through the backend which include some very popular companies like Apple and Google Pay.

  • Checkout page gives users the option to opt-in for an emailed receipt

  • Checkout also has a "save this information for next time" check-box, which gives incentive to come back :)

Watch My Demonstration Video!! I Walk You Through It!

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